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Remote Training
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It’s understandable with Spring sports that you are unable to get your child to the gym everyday, or the scheduled times.  We currently offer remote training across the World from the Swiss Olympic team to the San Jose Jr. Sharks. What this entails:
*Workouts sent to you Monthly
*Exercise Videos to accompany workouts
*Workouts that not only individualized to your daughter’s goals, but their schedule and the equipment they have access to. For example, if they are working out in the basement at home or the local High School or going on vacation.
*Feedback to all questions and concerns within 24hours This method of training has been a great success, enabling us to continue to train our athletes during their seasons when their needs, schedules, requirements change.

Video Analysis/Skill Evaluation
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*20 weeks Strength + conditioning Program individualized to your athlete, to the equipment available + their training age
*Progressive Stick Handling Videos emailed to you
*Entry Performance Testing + Evaluation
*Exit Performance Testing + Evaluation
*Nutritional tracking and support
*individualized nutrition plan

Nutrition Plan
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Individualized eating program for your athlete custom fit to their:
-nutritional habits
-time frame
-Daily and weekly feedback provided