Who We Are

"Our Camps and Clinics website provides remote training to clients globally.  We currently provide athletes & fitness enthusiasts of all sports, skill levels, abilities, genders with the necessary resources to attain their fitness, leadership, nutritional or organizational goals."

Our Vision

Our vision is to share our tools, passion and knowledge with any person with a desire to improve.  There is a common misconception that development only takes place in expensive gyms, if you don't live near one or can't afford one, you're immediately at a disadvantage.  Our Program would like to fight that trend, providing affordable, professional development tools to anyone, anywhere.  Our individualized programs are custom fit to your specific access to strength equipment whether it's a bodyweight program at your home, or you have access to a fully equipped gym.

Guidance, nutrition, strength training is no longer primarily for the off season, it is a year-long endeavor.  Our goal is to develop our athletes on a multiyear plan, predicated around their:

  1. Current set of physical attributes

  2. Realistic goal and physical changes than can occur before the start of the regular season

  3. Goals for that season

  4. Following off season and where they need to be developmently

  5. Previous injuries

  6. Predicted pattern overload injuries within the sport

  7. Year-round nutrition & education

  8. Stage in life cycle, in this case pre/post pubescent

  9. Specific skill set on ice {i.e.: poor skater: we emphasize hip/core development amidst footwork and agility drills}

  10. Current level of general physical fitness

  11. Current level of mobility

  12. Areas specific to multi year progress {i.e.: establishing healthy body mass index, whether it's gaining or losing fat}

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